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Chair for food safety and analytics

InstitutThe chair for food safety and analytics is committed to the safety and hygiene of food, especially of animal origin, in the areas of research, teaching and services. With our research, we make a contribution to understanding the processes by which pathogens can persist in the food environment. As part of our veterinary training, we train qualified specialists who make a significant contribution to food safety at all stages of the production of animal food. And we offer extensive analysis of food in the field of microbiology and bioanalysis.



Our research focuses on the interaction of food-associated pathogens with their environment, the food matrix and the host organism. One focus is on the dynamics of pathogens in various food matrices and in the production environment. In addition to the pathogens, the subject of spoilage agents and consumer deception is of interest, especially the use of various laboratory methods for the detection of spoiled raw materials in heated meat products.

Another pillar focuses on the bioanalysis of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in food, especially in the chain feed - farm animals - food research.


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We offer a range of investigations of food products.